Bonaire Culinair Event

Bonaire is blessed by a high quality and very diverse Culinary Sector. Our passionate chefs create unique dishes and beverages based on the rich cultural and culinary heritage of the Island. Food Experiences are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the experience for visitors and locals alike. Come and taste what Bonaire has to offer!

To showcase our culinary wealth, we organize a 15-day culinary event that takes place on the entire island. It will start on September 23rd 2021 and ends on October 7th 2021. During these 15 days 30 participating restaurants and food trucks will create a special menu at a set price.

A 3-course dinner menu $ 33,- | A 2-course lunch menu $ 22,-

I invite you to discover the culinary variety of Bonaire.

Eric Gietman
Chairman of the Culinary Committee of BONHATA


Bonaire Culinair Event
23-September 2021 | 7-October 2021
3-Course Menu for $ 33

Participating Restaurants

I cook with Rom Rincón
Sometimes I even add it to the food!

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