Posada Para Mira

Posada Para Mira

Posada Para Mira is located on the outskirts of Bonaire’s oldest town – Rincon. When you are dining at Posada (which it is most known as) with every flavourful servings of local cuisine comes genuine warm island hospitality. Come to Posada, let the winds of our friendly island whisk you away while overlooking breath-taking views of the hills and the town where all true bonairians originated from. Our roots are deep as is our warm welcome for each and every visitor.

Our local krioyo cuisine menu includes flavourful servings of stewed chicken and goat, fresh local fish
and iguana, all served with either funchi, tutu or rice accompanied by sweet potatoes, pumpkin and
fried plantain. Our most popular fresh homemade juices include lemon and tamarind. Want something more exotic ? Then try our sangria, it’s made with a little kick. Do as the locals do and try something new from our menu.

Posada Para Mira
Kaya Para Mira z/n
Tel: +599 7017060 or 7172199

Open from Monday – Sunday from 11:00 – 18:00
Tuesday and Thursday closed

Bonaire Culinair
Lunch Menu



Local goat meat
served with moro, green salad, plantain
and fried polenta.



Pinja Colada Cake